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Staple Free Stapler as a promotional gift

0093-xxThis amazing product has some unique properties which makes it an excellent business gift. First of all it functionallity will amaze anyone who sees it working:

  1. Put the paper in that you want to staple
  2. Press the stapler
  3. Be amazed how the paper is stapled without staples!

The mechanism inside cuts out a piece of paper and folds it back through small cut in the paper. In this way a binding between the pages is created. The Staple Free Stapler works up to 6 sheets of normal paper.


009307pcdSo you don't need staples anymore... Environmental friendly, another reason why this items finds a permanent spot on the desk. Your logo will always be in sight. The Staple Free Stapler comes in different colors, metallic silver and chrome plated.




There is also a version made of recycled plastic available, the "Eko Stapler". Not only environmental friendly because the lack of staples, but also made from recycled material.






The cubed version is a new design, available in 7 modern fresh colors. A large surface for your message.






All available colors: